Fado Em Mim

2001 · Parlophone Music Portugal

  • 1.


    (Júlio Campos Sousa / Frederico de Brito)

    I was made for song (fado*),
    How do I know I live a poem sung
    From a ballad that I wrote

    To speak of it,
    I cannot do
    But let my soul sing out
    And souls know how to hear me

    Cry out, cry out
    Poets of my country
    Trunks of the same root
    Of life that does unite us

    And as for all of you
    If you were not beside me
    There would be no song (fado)
    Nor singers (fadistas) such as I

    That my voice
    Is so mournful
    Is the fault of all of you
    The poets in my life

    It's madness
    I have heard it said
    But blessed is the madness
    To sing and to live

    * Fado (Ballad) is a popular Portuguese 
       song or melody, usually plaintive.

  • 1. Loucura


  • 2.


    (Florbela Espanca / Tiago Machado)

    Oh the souls of poets
    Does no one understand them;
    They are souls of violets
    Which are poets themselves

    They wander lost in life,
    Like the stars in the sky;
    They feel the wind when it moans
    And hear the roses cry!

    Only those who hold in their hearts
    Secret and bitter pain
    On a moonlit night
    Can understand poets

    As for me, who catches sorrow,
    Who was never caught before
    I have a soul which can feel
    The soul of the poets

  • 2. Poetas


  • 3.


    (Jorge Fernando)

    Things that are ugly in life
    Leave us with no longings,
    It's only memories
    That make us cry or smile.

    There are people who remain a part of us
    And become part of our own story
    While there are others
    Whose names we hardly remember.

    It's feelings which give life
    To this nostalgia I carry
    Of the many I held close
    And then somehow lost.

    The rain wets my body
    So cold and so tired
    The many streets in the city
    Each one I have wandered
    With the tears of a lost child
    Echoed back from the city,
    The fire of love quickly put out
    In the rain.

    The rain listened and whispered
    My secret to the city
    And now when it taps on my window
    It still brings that sad nostalgia

  • 3. Chuva


  • 4.
    Maria Lisboa

    Maria Lisboa

    (David Mourão Ferreira / Alain Oulman)

    A fisherman's wife, she wears slippers
    And moves like a cat
    With her basket, to the caravel,
    But in her heart, to the frigate...

    Instead of ravens on her veil
    Seagulls come to rest...
    When the wind invites her to dance
    She dances the waltz of the sea...

    Her dress is made of sea shells,
    She has seaweed in her hair,
    And in her veins still throbs
    The engine of the trawler...

    She sells dreams and salt sea spray
    Storms cry out her name...
    Her real name is Maria...
    But she is known as Lisboa...

  • 4. Maria Lisboa


  • 5.
    Ó Gente Da Minha Terra

    Ó Gente Da Minha Terra

    (Amália Rodrigues / Tiago Machado)

    Oh people of my land
    It's only now that I perceive
    This sadness which I carry
    Was from you received

    This ballad is both yours and mine
    United by our destiny
    No matter how much is denied
    By the strings of a guitar

    Whenever we hear a lament
    Of a guitar playing
    We are soon filled
    With a longing to weep

    It would seem a kindness
    If I were able to soothe it
    And by releasing the sorrow
    Make my song less melancholy

  • 5. Ó Gente Da Minha Terra


  • 6.
    Que Deus Me Perdoe

    Que Deus Me Perdoe

    (Silva Tavares / Frederico Valério)

    If only my secretive soul
    Could reveal
    How I suffer in silence
    If it could only tell
    Everyone would see
    Just how wretched I am,
    How I pretend to be happy,
    How I weep when I sing.

    May God forgive me
    If it's a crime or a sin
    But that is how I am
    Seeking solace in the Fado
    I hide from myself,
    By singing I am heard
    And no pain do I feel
    If it is really a sin
    To love the Fado
    May God forgive me.

    When I sing I don't think of
    The bad things of life
    Nor even who I am
    Nor the pain this may bring me;
    I start to yearn for the truth
    And to dream a magnificent dream
    That all is joyful
    And there is no more sadness.
  • 6. Que Deus Me Perdoe


  • 7.
    Há Festa Na Mouraria

    Há Festa Na Mouraria

    (A. Amargo / A. Duarte)

    There's a festival in the town
    It's the day of the procession
    For the lady of good health,
    Even Rosa Maria
    From the street of ill repute
    Seems to be virtuous.

    Splendid quilts in every window
    Rose petals all on the ground 
    The faithful and unbelievers mingle 
    In the narrow streets, 
    It's the day of the procession 
    For the lady of good health. 

    After brief murmurings
    Deep silence reigns 
    As all along the way 
    The virgin is carried. 
    All kneel and pray in reverence 
    Even Rosa Maria.

    As if turned to stone
    In fervent devoted prayer,
    Such is her presence
    That even Rosa who was deflowered
    From the street of ill repute
    Seems to be virtuous.

  • 7. Há Festa Na Mouraria


  • 8.
    Terra D' Água

    Terra D' Água

    (Jorge Fernando)

    My land of water
    In sorrow and sadness
    We find ourselves alone
    And my soul finds its voice
    To tell you of my pain and grief
    From the quiet waters which your song brings
    My country

    My motherland of water
    I caress you in my dreams
    A thousand nights I dream of you
    A thousand songs I sing for you
    My motherland of water
    Cast aside the sadness, I am happy for you
    My country

  • 8. Terra D' Água


  • 9.
    Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho

    Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho

    (Alberto Janes)

    Listen here, Mr. Wine
    Tell me now, quite frankly
    Why do you take all steadiness 
    From those you meet in your path?

    Just one small glass too much
    And even the mildest of men
    Become deranged on friend wine
    Rewarded by walking on all fours.

    It's a dirty trick, but there's a purpose
    In all that you do
    One becomes unbalanced
    With no equilibrium to be found.

    The laws of physics fail
    And the vertical, all around
    Sways - you can't help it -
    And you are no longer upright.

    I was once the keeper of wine
    The lonely leaf playing in the wind
    I was the sunbeam on the earth
    Caressing the sweet grape
    I still hold the warmth of the sun
    And thus even life I give
    Enriching it's quality for everyone
    In number, weight and size.

    I only harm those
    Who think I am nothing, who belittle me
    And who treat me like water -
    For this they pay, that's how I am
    Your Grace, you are right
    It's so ungrateful to speak badly of wine
    And to prove to you what I say
    Come my friend, let's have another glass!

  • 9. Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho


  • 10.
    Por Ti!

    Por Ti!

    [(J.Luís Gordo / Fado Tango (tradicional)]

    I close my eyes and sing
    Singing only for you
    My voice and my laments
    Which caress you as I sing
    Are for you and you alone.

    I give away my guitar and take the veil
    To walk to Santiago
    Blinded by the dust of this valley
    Which, to spite me, the wind
    Lights fires for me to put out.

    There is so much music, so much
    The wind carries to our senses,
    Symphonies to enchant me
    Seem sometimes to sing
    Ballads of forbidden love.

    I carry the path of life
    Guarded carefully in my hand
    Thinking all will be lost by leaving
    Fearful of having no place
    In my heart.

  • 10. Por Ti!


  • 11.


    (Jorge Fernando)

    God willing
    You will not be saddened by my ballad
    My royal star of destiny
    Born beside the sea
    Far away in the West

    You brightened the sky
    With your golden light
    The sword you once held high
    Is almost nothing now
    Mystical golden light

    God willing
    You will not be saddened by my ballad
    My royal star of destiny
    Born beside the sea
    Far away in the West

    Give me back my yearning
    I sing to you in my fairest voice
    Your whole destiny
    And God willing...

    You will not be saddened by my ballad
    My royal star of destiny
    Sleeping by the sea
    Wake up Portugal!

  • 11. Oxalá


  • 12.
    Barco Negro

    Barco Negro

    (David Mourão Ferreira / Caco Velho-Parantini)

    At daybreak, what fear
    That you would find me ugly!
    I awoke, trembling
    Still lying in the sand...
    But soon your eyes
    Tell me it is not so
    And the sun penetrates
    My heart

    Later, I saw a cross on a rock
    And your dark boat
    Dancing in the light...
    I saw your arms waving
    Between the billowing sails...
    On the beach the old women say you 
    will never return 
    They're crazy! They're crazy!
    I know my love:
    You have never ever left
    Everything around says that
    You will always be with me.

    In the wind that blows 
    Sand against the windows;
    In the water that sings;
    In the fire's dying embers;
    In the warmth of the bed;
    On the empty benches;
    Deep in my heart
    You will always be with me.

  • 12. Barco Negro


  • 13.
    Ó Gente Da Minha Terra - Piano Version
  • 13. Ó Gente Da Minha Terra - Piano Version