Terra em Concerto - DVD

2009 · EMI Music Portugal

  • 1.


    (David Mourão-Ferreira / Tiago Machado)

    Only when tears give me
    A deeper sense of your secret
    Do I feel pure and do I grant
    The grace of listening to the heart.

    Right away (why?), the suspicion arises
    That in the two of us everything is premeditated
    And tears then follow the fado
    Of all that our love rejects

    We no longer wish to know of the heart
    Nor is what it gives important to us,
    Returning, febrile, to that thirst
    Where all that matters is what feelings give.

  • 1. Recurso


  • 2.
    Minha Alma

    Minha Alma

    (Paulo de Carvalho)

    Oh Soul! My Soul...
    Tell me who I am
    Oh Soul! My Soul
    Tell me where I'm bound  
    Lisbon, make love to me, that's where I'm bound
    Running through the streets of the past
    My fado is the future but I vow
    My love
    That I will make love to my past
    Without saying where I'm bound

    Oh Soul!My Soul?

    When I get away from myself I am the sea      
    Of other lands, of other people who I've never seen        
    My song and my dream have not died                 
    My love                                                                       
    My love I am the people                                          
    I am farther from me

  • 2. Minha Alma


  • 3.
    Maria Lisboa

    Maria Lisboa

    (David Mourão Ferreira / Alain Oulman)

    A fisherman's wife, she wears slippers
    And moves like a cat
    With her basket, to the caravel,
    But in her heart, to the frigate...

    Instead of ravens on her veil
    Seagulls come to rest...
    When the wind invites her to dance
    She dances the waltz of the sea...

    Her dress is made of sea shells,
    She has seaweed in her hair,
    And in her veins still throbs
    The engine of the trawler...

    She sells dreams and salt sea spray
    Storms cry out her name...
    Her real name is Maria...
    But she is known as Lisboa...

  • 3. Maria Lisboa


  • 4.


    Things that are ugly in life
    Leave us with no longings,
    It's only memories
    That make us cry or smile.

    There are people who remain a part of us
    And become part of our own story
    While there are others
    Whose names we hardly remember.

    (Jorge Fernando)

    It's feelings which give life
    To this nostalgia I carry
    Of the many I held close
    And then somehow lost.

    The rain wets my body
    So cold and so tired
    The many streets in the city
    Each one I have wandered
    With the tears of a lost child
    Echoed back from the city,
    The fire of love quickly put out
    In the rain.

    The rain listened and whispered
    My secret to the city
    And now when it taps on my window
    It still brings that sad nostalgia

  • 4. Chuva


  • 5.
    Rosa Branca

    Rosa Branca

    (José de Jesus Guimarães / Resende Dias)

    With a rose at my breast on the dance-floor
    I danced with whoever was there
    I danced so much
    That the rose fell to pieces

    Whoever has, whoever has
    The gift of love
    Picks the white rose
    Puts it at their breast

    Oh rose bush, little rose
    Rose bush in my garden
    If you love roses so much
    Why don't you love me?

  • 5. Rosa Branca


  • 6.
    Vozes do Mar

    Vozes do Mar

    (Florbela Espanca/ Diogo Clemente)

    When the sun sinks over the waters
    In a nervous deliquescence of gold intense 
    Whence comes this voice full of pain,
    With which you speak to the earth oh immense sea?

    Do you speak of banquets and cavalcades?
    Of knights errant in the moonlight,
    Do you speak of enchanted caravels
    Which sleep and weep on your breast?

    Do you sing of epic deeds? Do you have unease 
    About pain? Do you too have fears
    Oh sea full of hope and majesty

    Whence comes this voice oh friendly sea?
    Perhaps the voice of an ancient Portugal
    Summoned by Camões in an act of yearning.

  • 6. Vozes do Mar


  • 7.
    Beijo de Saudade

    Beijo de Saudade


    Sacred waves of the Tagus
    Let me kiss your waters
    Let me give you a kiss
    A kiss of sorrow
    A kiss of yearning
    To take out to sea and over the sea to my home

    In your crystalline waves
    Let me give you a kiss
    On your sweet girl's mouth
    Let me give you a kiss, oh Tagus
    A kiss of sorrow
    A kiss of yearning
    To take out to sea and over the sea to my home

    My homeland is that small one
    Cabo Verde is my home
    Like a child in the sea 
    The daughter of the ocean  
    The daughter of the sky  
    Land of my mother 
    Land of my loves

  • 7. Beijo de Saudade


  • 8.
    Tasco da Mouraria

    Tasco da Mouraria

    (Paulo Abreu Lima / Rui Veloso)

    Night draws on in the streets of Lisbon
    And boys like me have gone to sleep
    Only I have the dream that I'm flying
    In my own strange way of feeling

    I leave my bedroom with the step of a girl
    In a silence which respects what is most sacred
    When my eyes as they shine on the curtain
    Delight in the fado's song

    My love, go to bed, it's late
    My father always said it came close to me
    In that mixture of  pride and yearning
    For the one who feels a new love in my garden.

    And I sleep in your guitar arms
    Sweet rocking reborn with each day
    That dream of singing the dawn
    That was born in a tavern of Mouraria

  • 8. Tasco da Mouraria


  • 9.
    Cavaleiro Monge

    Cavaleiro Monge

    (Fernando Pessoa / Mário Pacheco)

    From the valley to the mountain,
    From the mountain to the hill,
    Horse of shadow,  monk rider.
    Through houses, through meadows,
    Through gardens, through fountains,
    In alliance you walk.
    From the valley to the mountain,
    From the mountain to the hill,
    Horse of shadow, monk rider.
    Through black cliffs,
    Behind and ahead,
    In secrecy you walk.
    From the valley to the mountain,
    From the mountain to the hill,
    Horse of shadow, monk rider.
    Through desert meadows,
    Without horizons,
    In freedom you walk.
    From the valley to the mountain,
    From the mountain to the hill,
    Horse of shadow, monk rider.
    Through trackless ways,
    Through rivers without bridges,
    In solitude you walk.
    From the valley to the mountain,
    From the mountain to the hill,
    Horse of shadow, monk rider.
    For it is endless
    And accounted by no one,
    In me you walk.
    Through black cliffs,
    Through rivers without bridges,
    In me you walk.

  • 9. Cavaleiro Monge


  • 10.
    Barco Negro

    Barco Negro

    (David Mourão Ferreira / Caco Velho-Parantini)

    At daybreak, what fear
    That you would find me ugly!
    I awoke, trembling
    Still lying in the sand...
    But soon your eyes
    Tell me it is not so
    And the sun penetrates
    My heart

    Later, I saw a cross on a rock
    And your dark boat
    Dancing in the light...
    I saw your arms waving
    Between the billowing sails...
    On the beach the old women say you 
    will never return 
    They're crazy! They're crazy!
    I know my love:
    You have never ever left
    Everything around says that
    You will always be with me.

    In the wind that blows 
    Sand against the windows;
    In the water that sings;
    In the fire's dying embers;
    In the warmth of the bed;
    On the empty benches;
    Deep in my heart
    You will always be with me.

  • 10. Barco Negro


  • 11.
    Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho

    Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho

    (Alberto Janes)

    Listen here, Mr. Wine
    Tell me now, quite frankly
    Why do you take all steadiness 
    From those you meet in your path?

    Just one small glass too much
    And even the mildest of men
    Become deranged on friend wine
    Rewarded by walking on all fours.

    It's a dirty trick, but there's a purpose
    In all that you do
    One becomes unbalanced
    With no equilibrium to be found.

    The laws of physics fail
    And the vertical, all around
    Sways - you can't help it -
    And you are no longer upright.

    I was once the keeper of wine
    The lonely leaf playing in the wind
    I was the sunbeam on the earth
    Caressing the sweet grape
    I still hold the warmth of the sun
    And thus even life I give
    Enriching it's quality for everyone
    In number, weight and size.

    I only harm those
    Who think I am nothing, who belittle me
    And who treat me like water -
    For this they pay, that's how I am
    Your Grace, you are right
    It's so ungrateful to speak badly of wine
    And to prove to you what I say
    Come my friend, let's have another glass!

  • 11. Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho


  • 12.


    (David Mourão Ferreira / Pedro Rodrigues)

    All the love that seized us
    As if made of wax it was
    Was broken and undone
    Ah, fatal spring
    How I wish, how we wish
    To have died that day
    And condemned I was                
    To have weeping living with me
    To live, to live and without you
    Living and not, however,
    Forgetting that enchantment
    That I lost in that day
    The dry bread of solitude
    It's the only thing we get
    The only thing to be fed on
    What matters if the heart
    Says yes or says no
    If it keeps on living
    All the love that seized us
    Was broken, was undone
    In fear was converted
    Let no one speak of spring
    How I wish, how we wish
    To have died that day.

  • 12. Primavera


  • 13.
    Morada Aberta

    Morada Aberta

    (Carlos Tê / Rui Veloso)

    Tell me of the river that I know
    As I don't know myself
    How much pain will flow
    Until the hatred ends

    You can't even hear me lancer
    Amongst the valleys and hills
    Quenching your thirst at the willow tree
    Washing your soul at the springs

    I saw my love leaving
    On a train of vanities
    Going in search of the world
    On the carousel of the cities

    Where the living is loose
    And where, they say, there's no solitude
    But I in my wilderness
    Do not have that illusion

    If I were a white cloud
    Rather than a human speck
    I would release a shower of rain
    Into your current

    And so I'd run with no pain
    Without wishing to know of me
    And like you in that babble
    Would love without taking hold

    Go river, so it is late
    When you arrive at the uncertain part
    Spread amongst these hills
    Where I have an open house

  • 13. Morada Aberta


  • 14.
    Ó Gente Da Minha Terra

    Ó Gente Da Minha Terra

    (Amália Rodrigues / Tiago Machado)

    Oh people of my land
    It's only now that I perceive
    This sadness which I carry
    Was from you received

    This ballad is both yours and mine
    United by our destiny
    No matter how much is denied
    By the strings of a guitar

    Whenever we hear a lament
    Of a guitar playing
    We are soon filled
    With a longing to weep

    It would seem a kindness
    If I were able to soothe it
    And by releasing the sorrow
    Make my song less melancholy

  • 14. Ó Gente Da Minha Terra