2005 · Warner Music Portugal

  • 1.
    Há Uma Música Do Povo

    Há Uma Música Do Povo

    (Fernando Pessoa / Mário Pacheco)

    There's a song of the people,
    I don't know whether to call it a Fado
    Hearing it there is a new rhythm
    In the being which I have sheltered

    Hearing it I am who I would be
    If I could be what I wish     
    It is a simple melody
    Like those that teach you to live

    But it's so soothing
    This vague sad song?
    That my soul no longer weeps
    Nor do I have a heart

    I am a foreign emotion
    An error of a dream that's gone.
    Somehow I sing 
    And end up with a feeling!

  • 1. Há Uma Música Do Povo


  • 2.
    Meu Fado Meu

    Meu Fado Meu

    (Paulo de Carvalho)

    I bring a Fado into my song
    I sing the night until it turns to day
    I bring my people's tears
    Into my song Mouraria

    I have a yearning for myself
    For my most beloved of loves
    I sing of a land without end
    The sea, the earth, my Fado

    My own fado
    About me I miss only myself
    Mistress of my life
    About the dream, I say it is mine
    And find myself born already

    I bring a Fado into my song
    It comes shielded in my soul
    It comes from inside my own wonder 
    In search of my Fado

    My own Fado

  • 2. Meu Fado Meu


  • 3.


    [Mário Rainho/ José Magala (fado Magala)]

    If to be a singer of fado is to be the moon
    To lose sight of the sun
    To turn oneself into a statue
    Then I'm not a singer of fado

    If to be a singer of fado is to be sad
    To be on the edge of tears
    If the fado exists for pain and hurt
    Then I'm not a singer of fado

    If to be a singer of fado is
    In the end, a term of scorn
    Skimming over the mouths of the world
    Then I'm not a singer of fado

    But if it's to set off on the conquest
    Of so much disregarded verse
    Then I'm not a singer of fado
    But the very fado itself!

  • 3. Recusa


  • 4.
    Quando Me Sinto Só

    Quando Me Sinto Só

    [Artur Ribeiro / Joaquim Campos (fado Alexandrino de Joaquim Campos)]

    When I feel alone
    As if you had left me,
    More alone than a tramp
    On a park bench
    And when I feel sorry
    For myself and in return
    Feel hatred for the world
    That separates us like this

    When I feel alone
    I taste the fado in my mouth
    A lament of those who weep
    About their sadness
    Crawling in the dust
    My tired heart
    Remembers an old well
    Dying of thirst for want of water

    In order not to be belittled
    I try not to cry out
    When people ask I lie
    I don?t want them to be hurt
    In a crazy selfish way
    I even come to wish
    You felt what I feel
    When I feel alone

  • 4. Quando Me Sinto Só


  • 5.


    (Pedro Campos)

    I walk on the kerb
    I stumble in confusion
    I go down the avenue
    And the whole city holds out its hand
    I walk along the street, and people pass
    Hurrying, talking, the river before me
    A flight of seagulls on the horizon

    Only your love is so real
    Only your love...

    Shop-windows, streets
    And the traffic
    Doesn?t stop at the lights
    A thousand people
    Travelling through real life
    The disenchanted, emigrants, gipsies
    A normal day,
    Like a breeze blowing up from the river
    At the end of the afternoon,
    In Lisbon at last

    Only your love is so real
    Only your love...

    People who pass 
    Those who?ve lost their peace of mind
    People who fill
    The dole queues,
    Street sellers, police, stalls, newspapers
    Like the boats that pass so near
    So crowded
    Leaving the quay

    Only your love is so real
    Only your love...

  • 5. Montras


  • 6.
    Há Palavras Que Nos Beijam

    Há Palavras Que Nos Beijam

    (Alexandre O'Neil / Mário Pacheco)

    There are words that kiss us
    As if they had mouths.
    Words of love, of hope,
    Of boundless love, of crazed hope.

    Naked words that you kiss
    When the night loses its face;
    Words that are refused 
    At the walls of your sorrow.

    Of a sudden coloured
    Amongst words with no colour
    Unexpected expectations
    Like poetry or love.

    (The name of the beloved
    Revealed letter by letter
    On the distracted marble 
    On the abandoned paper)

    Words which transport us
    To where the night is densest
    To the silence of lovers
    Entwined against death.

  • 6. Há Palavras Que Nos Beijam


  • 7.


    (Paulo Abreu Lima / Rui Veloso)

    Like water from the spring
    My hand is transparent
    To my grandmother's eyes

    Between the earth and the divine
    My black grandmother knew
    Those things about destiny

    The sea that I see runs
    Into the rivers of that desire
    Of someone born to sing.

    The Zambeze becomes the Tagus
    So celebrated in song that I envy 
    Lisbon, for being on its banks.

    I see a head of plaited hair
    And the cradling song of the fado
    In a shawl of curls

    As in a fairy tale
    The African drums are guitars
    And the coconut palms sunflowers.

    My black grandmother knew
    How to read destinies
    In the palm of each glance.

    Whether life wants it or not
    Said god to the enchantress
    I was born to sing

  • 7. Transparente


  • 8.
    Fado Português De Nós

    Fado Português De Nós

    (Paulo de Carvalho)

    Born from being Portuguese
    Making it's way through the world
    It came from a dream, a vagabond
    In the embrace of the land
    Whether cherished or ignored
    The Fado

    It lived from being Portuguese
    It was joyful and had a swagger
    Because being a fado is a song
    Because being the future is the past
    Whether cherished or ignored
    The Fado

    Ever more Portuguese
    It flies on the wings of the wind
    It sometimes lets out a lament
    And asks to be found
    It is cherished, it is loved
    The Fado

  • 8. Fado Português De Nós


  • 9.


    [Aldina Duarte / popular (fado menor)]

    Solitude loves me not
    The tempest loves me
    Illusion loves me not
    Freedom loves me

    The empty voice loves me not
    The warm body loves me
    The cold soul loves me not
    The rising sun loves me

    The darkened house loves me not
    The open sky loves me
    The uncertain sea loves me
    The impure earth loves me not

    Solitude loves me not
    Between the fire and the dawn
    Whether it loves me not or loves me
    A lot, a little, completely or not at all...

  • 9. Malmequer


  • 10.


    (Reinaldo Ferreira / Alain Oulman)

    Whoever spends the night with me
    Is my secret
    But if people insist, I'll tell them, 
    It's fear that lives with me,
    Nothing but fear, nothing but fear

    And soon because I am cradled
    In the to and fro of solitude
    It speaks in the silence,
    Like the cracking of furniture
    And  troubles our reason

    Shouting out: who can save me
    From what is inside me
    I'd even like to kill myself,
    But I know that will have to wait
    At the foot of the final bridge

  • 10. Medo


  • 11.
    Toada Do Desengano

    Toada Do Desengano

    [Vasco Graça Moura / Franklin Godinho (fado Franklin de sextilhas)]

    This love, this fate of mine
    So vivid and so painful
    Caught between yes and however
    This ungoverned love
    Marked by fire and crushed
    In a deep melancholy

    This harrowing love
    This love that night and day
    Pulls at me and tortures me
    This disillusioned love
    With its tormented yearnings
    Fills up my empty life

    This hallucinatory love
    This love that deranges me
    Somewhere between grief and joy,
    Confused as it is 
    My despairing love,
    Of what other love can I sing?

  • 11. Toada Do Desengano


  • 12.
    Fado Tordo

    Fado Tordo

    (Fernando Tordo)

    Whether I want to or no
    My voice is raised in song
    Whatever I may or may not do
    My voice rules, whatever I say

    Whether I suffer or not
    My voice tells me where I'm bound
    Whether I ask it or not
    I have no say in the voice that I am

    Even when I say things I don't want 
    I'm the slave of my voice and this fate
    Even when I run away in despair
    It can crop up anywhere 

    Even if I try a disguise  
    It finds me out right away
    Even if I'm crying or not crying
    The voice that I am bursts out laughing

    Whenever I might want
    Just a moment's rest
    The more I promise that
    I shall return to my voice and its song

    The more I might have beseeched
    This voice not to leave me
    It asked me in a frenzy;
    Have I given you reason to complain?

    The more I put out the flame
    The more powerfully it returns 
    The more I draw away from it
    The closer and ever stronger does it get

    The more I want to understand
    The voice I have is so tenacious
    That the more I take away its poetry
    It tries to forget and sings in prose

  • 12. Fado Tordo


  • 13.
    Duas Lágrimas De Orvalho

    Duas Lágrimas De Orvalho

    [DR / Pedro Rodrigues (fado Pedro Rodrigues)]

    Two drops of dew
    Fell into my hands
    As I caressed your face

    Poor worthless me

    To help you in your affliction 
    To support you in your sorrow

    You do not tell me why you weep 
    And you don't have to

    You don't tell me, I can guess
    Unhappy lovers
    Should have the courage
    To change their path

    For love we give our souls
    We give our bodies, our all
    Until we tire at the day's end
    But when life is over
    What was love is but a yearning
    And life is now nothing

    You have time, draw back
    Stifle your heart
    Kill the past and smile
    But if not, go on
    My mother told me
    As she saw me weep for you

  • 13. Duas Lágrimas De Orvalho


  • 14.
    Desejos Vãos

    Desejos Vãos

    (Florbela Espanca / Tiago Machado)

    I would like to be the high seas
    That laugh and sing of their immensity! 
    I'd like to be the stone that does not think,
    The stone in the pathway, rough and strong

    I would like to be the Sun, its intense light
    A blessing to the humble and luckless! 
    I would like to be the tree rough and dense
    That laughs at the vain world and even at death!

    But the Sea too weeps with sorrow...
    And the trees too, like those at prayer
    Open their arms to the heavens like a believer!

    And the Sun, strong and proud, at the end of the day
    Sheds tears of blood in agony!
    And the Stones....oh, they..are trodden on by everyone...

  • 14. Desejos Vãos